Is This Accurate?

More than 50 years ago Dr. Albert Behnke discovered a phenomenal method for finding the composition of a body (measuring body fat) by weighing people while they were submerged underwater. This method, called hydrostatic weighing, has become the standard by which all other methods of measuring body fat are compared. Unfortunately, hydrostatic weighing requires specialized, expensive equipment that most people don’t have access to.

Other methods to measure body fat do exist, such as Bioelectrical Impedence, Near-Infrared and X-Ray. However these other methods also require expensive equipment or skilled technicians to properly administer.

Plus, many of these methods of measuring body fat can have large errors due to clients exercising, eating or drinking, and in women, due to the menstrual cycle. Even when properly administered, the accuraccy of these othe methods has been questionable.

The most popular method of measuring body fat is the use of skin fold calipers.Skin fold calipers are inexpensive and seem simple to use, but actually require extensive training to use properly. There is often much error in making the measurements, even among trained scientists.

During his research with hydrostatic weighing Dr. Behnke made an astonishing discovery. He noticed a strong connection between measurements of the circumference of certain areas of the body and a person’s body fat levels.

In fact, he was able to determine body fat with the same accuraccy as hydrostatic weighing using nothing more than these circumference measurements.

For the first time there was a simple to use, highly accurate, reproducible method of measuring body fat. Known as the “body circumference technique”, the method also measures where the body’s muscle and fat is out of proportion – something no other method was able to do (including hydrostatic weighing). uses the body circumference technique and formulas based on the newest scientific research to monitor and track your body fat. These formulas give you the exact same accuracy as hydrostatic weighing – without the associated costs or need for specialized equipment.

Because relies on a simple “low-tech” tool (the measuring tape) that anyone can use you’ll get easy, accurate results, time after time.

“The use of girth measurements is a simple and practical method of estimating fat weight and lean weight in obese men.”

Arthur Weltman, PhD
Human Biology 59(3):523-535, 1987

“A combination of circumferences results in an accurate prediction of fatness for all subjects,” and, “the practical significance of this is obvious: percent body fat can be predicted easily from a few simple circumference measurements.”

Drs. Frank Katch and William McArdle
Nutrition, Weight Control, and Exercise, 2nd Edition 1983

“The anthropomorphic technique (circumferences) provides rapid estimates of body fat and lean bodyweight (muscle). In addition, the method points out anatomic interrelationships and outlines body patterns which are beyond the scope of the techniques now employed for purely compositional analysis.”

Albert Behnke, MD
Annals NY Academy of Sciences 110:450-464, 1963