5 Ways In Which Lemon Juice Helps In Treating Asthma

Though there is still absence of definite scientific evidence that lemon juice helps those people who are suffering from asthma (like top probiotic supplements on the market), but still there are lots of health benefits of lemon juice. Due to this reason, people have used lemon juice for thousands of years. According to some researchers lemon juice is one of the great medications for asthma, as it is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

5 Ways In Which Lemon Juice Helps In Treating Asthma

1. It Has Amazing Antiseptic Properties

Lemon juice acts as an antiseptic as it kills germs that hide in your mucus. These bacteria or germs can make a person ill easily and forms mucus, which would lead to asthma attack.

2. It Combats The Bacteria

It destroys bad bacteria that live in your mouth, stomach and intestine. To take the lemon juice, a good recipe is very essential. You can drink lemon juice directly, without adding anything in to it or mix it with some amount of water, or you can mix it with other foods which are beneficial for asthma. For making a good recipe of lemon juice, you can add lemon juice, water and a piece of ginger; this can be a great remedy to combat asthma. Ginger is generally added to the recipe, because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which may help with the confined airways routes connected with an asthma attack. Otherwise, you can also drink the juice as lemonade, where only fresh lemons are utilized.

3. It Helps In Dissolution Of Mucus

It helps to dissolve mucus, so when you have a cold or cough, just combine 8 oz of water with lemon. Lemon juice will cut into your thick mucus that builds up in your bronchial tubes. You can also make a thermos drink where you squeeze 4-5 lemons into 32 oz or less of distilled water and drink this juice all day long. Wash your mouth with water after you drink the lemon juice.

4. It Cleanse Your Blood

It helps to cleanse your blood. Clean blood will make your lungs tissue healthier. Lemon juice contains anti-oxidant, which help those people who are suffering from asthma because anti-oxidants combats with allergens that enters your lungs and throat and creates problem in breathing. Add one or 2 tablespoons of fluid chlorophyll to your lemon juice. This drink will help to detoxify your colon perfectly. Toxins that are stored into your blood from colon can weakens the tissues of your lungs and bronchial. So, to keep your blood clean, use lemon juice on regular basis.

5. It Is Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances the capacity of our immune system to resists asthma attack. So, try to take lemon juice every morning. At this moment, you have to forget that lemons have acidic properties but if you have arthritis, then lemon juice is bad for you. But, once lemon juice has entered in your body, it can end up as the building of alkaline after your cells use it up.Lemon juice serves a variety of purposes. Because of the presence of vitamin C and anti- oxidants, lemon juice could be one of the best homemade remedies to cure asthma. But, lemon juice is acidic in character, so excessive use will not be good. Anyone considering using lemon juice for asthma should first consult a physician.