10 Tips to Better Your Sex Life

Spicing up your sex life is a great way to improve your mood, lower stress, and create a stronger bond with your partner. Sex is an important part of a relationship and when things in the bedroom go south, the lack of connection affects other areas of the relationship. Personal problems can also lower the quality of your sex life. Before reaching for Viagra, consider healthier alternatives for improving your sex drive.

1. Role Play

Pretending to be somebody else allows you to keep things interesting between you and your partner. Playing a role and having your lover play along is a great way to stimulate desire and mix things up. The trick for effective role playing is to have a detailed back story. The more time you put into deciding who your characters are, the more fun your role play experience will be.

2. Flirt Your Way to an Ego Boost

Getting your flirt on will help you feel more attractive, desirable, and confident. The ego boost that comes from flirting and being flirted with back can help you perform better in bed. Flirting with your partner will stimulate them, and leave you feeling in control.

3. Naked Thursdays

Joey Tribbiani from Friends was on to something when he suggested Naked Thursdays. Like a real trooper, when Rachel shot down his suggestion is when he immediately rallied with Naked Wednesdays. A day off from the confinement of wearing clothes in your home may be just what you need to stop feeling like you are living with a friend and roommate instead of a sexual partner.

4. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Although frank discussions of what turns each other on is healthy within a relationship, it also kills the mood during a sexual encounter. Instead of asking your partner “Does that feel good?” and “Do you like that?” thus pulling her out of the moment, listen and watch. If you pay attention, she’ll tell you with non-verbal communication what she likes.

5. Eat Better

Eating the right diet can improve blood flow to the genitals, which leads to stronger erections. The Mediterranean diet that emphasizes whole foods and seafood is a good place to start. A healthy diet also helps older men keep their sperm count up.

6. Sex Toys Are Your Friend

There is nothing embarrassing about bringing some toys into the bedroom. Even a simple vibrator can be a lot of fun, but if you or your partner wants something more elaborate, ask them what they would like to try. Keep an open mind, but never use something that makes one of you uncomfortable.

7. Use Foreplay for Play

Foreplay is what gets people, especially women, into a playful, sexy mood. Foreplay does not have to be right before intercourse either. Some playful morning sexts can heighten arousal all day. If your sexual partner is having a rough day at work, start off by giving them a well deserved massage which will help them relieve stress and get in the mood.

8. Get Better at Oral

Giving better oral sex and taking your time can get both partners in the mood. Men should use slow, soft tongue movements on women. Flattening the tongue is usually more pleasing. Surprise your partner by incorporating oral sex into your lives instead of just having sex and going about your day.

9. New Positions

Trying new positions can be one of the most stimulating ways to enhance your sex life. You do not have to try everything in one night. Just pick one new position and see where that leads. Changing positions can allow both of you to enhance your performance and feel pleasured in new ways that you haven’t in the past.

10. No Pressure

The last thing you want to do to improve your sex life is try too hard. Putting too much pressure on yourself to try new things can kill your mood. Above all, sex should be fun, but putting a little work into improving your sex life can garner big reward for both you and your partner alike.

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