10 Glutamine Rich Foods Needs To Be Added In Your Diet

Glutamine Rich Foods

Talking about glutamine, they are nothing but amino acids which are generally produced by the human body and they are basically the building blocks for the muscles in the body alike all the other amino acids too.

Some of the unique characteristic of this protein is in the fact that it can breach the brain to blood barrier due to the fact that this protein is capable of getting absorbed by the brain too. Along with its features, this amino acid has an array of health benefits for humans which include promoting digestive health, improving memory and helping in blood sugar levels.

Glutamine Rich Foods Which One Should Add To The Diet Are Discussed Below

1. Sea Food

The essential amino acid required for the proper functioning of the human body, glutamine is generally found in abundance in all the sea food available in the world today. Due to the fact that fishes are loaded with this protein, consumption of the same will surely help the body to keep fit and active as well.

2. Dairy Products

Along with the other food that glutamine is a constituent of, it is also found in abundance in dairy products and they include the likes of yogurt, cheese as well as milk. Adding all the above mentioned food products will essentially fill up the requirement of glutamine in the body. Just to add that ricotta cheese is the one dairy product which is loaded with the protein and if taken in good amounts help.

3. Cabbage

Another food ingredient which is rich in the amino acid, glutamine is cabbage, especially the red variety. While the red cabbages are most abundant in glutamine, the best way to make sure that it reaches the system is to have it raw in form of salads or by consuming its juice or even by fermenting the same. This is due to the fact that cooked red cabbages tend to destroy the protein content to a large extent.

4. Legumes & Beans

In case that a person is vegetarian and is looking ahead to in take a great source of dietary protein to improve their overall health, the answer lies in consumption of beans and legumes in huge quantity. This is due to the fact that the legumes and beans are loaded with glutamine and thus helps to a large extent.

5. Energy Drink Variations

Energy drinks are essential for those who are into exercising and physical activity and those who are looking to keep themselves fit. To fit the bill here, there are various energy drinks which are loaded with glutamine, which in turn satiate the need of energy as well as filling up the body with this essential amino acid too. In case a person is an athlete, taking these energy drinks help to a large extent while performing strenuous physical activities as well.

6. Poultry and Meat

Some of the greatest sources of glutamine are nothing but the meat and the poultry any non- vegan person easily drools upon. This is due to the fact that everything starting from chicken, grass fed beef to pork; all of their flesh and their products are loaded with this essential amino acid required for the proper body health in humans.

7. Beet, Parsley & Spinach

Alike cabbages, these are certain vegetables which are as well loaded with the goodness of glutamine in them! However, one must be aware of the fact that neither the spinach or the beet or even the parsley should be cooked before in take sue to the fact that heat makes them lose their glutamine content and makes them of no use. Thus, taking in these vegetables in the form of juices or salads serves the purpose quite well.

8. Organ Meat

Another great source of this essential amino acid, glutamine generally lies in all the types of organ meat, especially in the liver and thus satiates the need of more glutamine in the body.

9. Eggs

Eggs in general are pretty much loaded with the essential and required protein, glutamine and consumption of the same on a daily basis ensures the fact that the essential portion required for glutamine is taken in for sure.

10. Nuts

Even though, nuts are pretty much damage to the waistline in case one keeps on consuming the same throughout the day, consuming them in intervals of major meals will make sure that the optimum level of glutamine in the body is fulfilled. This is due to the fact that nuts are loaded with glutamine too and are a great source to gain the same externally.