Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage with!

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage with!

Over 50,000 members use to measure and track their body fat!

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Sign-up for your free account and join the growing number of members who are using our online body fat monitor to calculate and track their body fat and body composition. provides you with the feedback and analysis you need to stay on track towards your diet and fitness goals.

What is is an online body fat monitor designed to help you track and analyze your body fat and other important data about your body composition. You don’t need any body fat scales or calipers to use our site. analyzes measurements of certain parts of your body to determine a wealth of information about your body, including…

  • Body Fat percentage
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Waist to Hip Ratio
  • Exactly how many calories you burn each day
  • Complete somatogram (a graphical display of your body shape)
  • and more! keeps a record of your body fat measurements and other data so you can perform a long term analysis of your diet and fitness and track changes to your body. is the quick, easy, and completely free way to monitor your body fat.

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